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The Small Budget Garden

This tiny 5m x 5m space in a new build in Bradford on Avon, was a dull patch of grass surrounded by cheap pavers. The clients were retired and were keen gardeners but wanted a garden that was future proof. They also only had a budget of £6,000 Charlotte knew that she would have to create structure with plants rather than hard landscaping. Inspired by a paisley shawl, Charlotte designed quirkily-shaped flower beds edged in Everedge steel, the wide paths were laid to ‘As Dug’ gravel. As the garden was so small, every inch of the space was utilised, the benches are storage benches and the shed is painted a pretty colour. Even the compost bin is shaped like a beehive!

The beehive compost bin

The clients love the garden, especially from their first floor living room window where the pattern can really be seen. Planting is already underway. Photos to follow…

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