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Wadswick Green

A Close in Wadswick Green

In 2016 I was asked to create a complete a series of planting plans for Wadswick Green, a high-end retirement community in Corsham. They had created a vibrant and energised community and wanted to create feature gardens which would echo the high design ethos of the scheme as a whole. They needed an inspirational garden and landscape designer to create planting schemes and designs for the more formal garden areas.

I created full colour, handrawn garden designs and planting plans for 12 large gardens, a wildlife pond and various beds arouns the public spaces. They also wanted two drawings for each garden showing winter and summer colour, these all had to be produced in four weeks in order to present to the residents

Within two months of their first approach to me, we had received a consignment of 4,500 plants which were planted in one day by me and my team. I was then given the position of head gardener for the first year in order to run the initial maintenance, to work with the landscaping contractors and plan and oversee further planting of the gardens which included ordering and planting over 16,000 bulbs.

Freshly-planted purple tulips

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